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Dr. Jim Humphries is a professional with genuine compassion that comes from a lifetime of experience

The greatest benefit to this service is having a quiet and peaceful experience, in the comfort of your home.  It should be affordable, un-hurried, private and compassionate.  With in-home euthanasia, your pet does not have to make a stressful or hurried car ride and you don’t have to worry about your display of emotion in a crowded veterinary office.  Pets are also much calmer at home and the entire process is one of compassion and dignity.  That is exactly what I offer you and your family.  I am very proud that many of our areas top veterinary hospitals refer their treasured clients to me for this very special service. 

Nationwide the popularity of in-home euthanasia is growing rapidly, here is why:

  • It is a private, quiet and peaceful environment
  • The comfort and convenience of being at home
  • An emotionally safe environment
  • Family and friends can be present
  • Pets are much more calm
  • Pet friends and buddies can be present
  • No pressure to rush the process


Choosing a respectful end to your wonderful pet’s life is hard, but when you know it’s time – and the bad days are outnumbering the good ones – then they deserve all the respect and dignity we can give them.  

I strive to make this a private and sweet moment for your family.  This is never rushed and always peaceful.  Not only are pets much more relaxed at home, but let’s not forget your own emotions.  This difficult emotional process is made much easier when you are in the comfort of your own home, when you can include your family and friends, and all of you are free to show any emotions you wish. 

I am willing to take time with you, both when you call and in your home.  In fact, if you get my voice mail, it may be that I am counseling someone at that time.  I offer a medical assessment that only an experienced doctor can. I do this in order to reassure you that the time is right.  Of course, it is often very clear that euthanasia is needed, but it is also very reassuring to know that you can consult with an experienced doctor, ask any question you like, to be sure you are making the right decision.  If there is a possibility for any palliative treatment, then I may refer you to any number of top veterinary hospitals and experts.  

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I provide this service for all of Colorado Springs and some outlying areas.  See the practice area map.  I am happy to make an early evening appointment or even set a time on Saturdays and Sundays, for no additional fee.  

Why?… because I know this difficult decision frequently needs to be made at inconvenient times and in some cases it is an emergency.  There is nothing worse than realizing your pet is critical or suffering and all the veterinary hospitals are closed.  Your only option is to go to the emergency clinic where you will simply not get the private and compassionate care you will in your own home. 

                                                             ~ Dr. Jim Humphries

 Please choose carefully 


This is a critical medical procedure using a combination of DEA controlled medications and requires a DVM degree and both State and Federal licenses.   There is a service that operates freely in our community that may not meet these legal requirements and the Department of Regulatory Affairs has not yet taken action.  So please beware!  When you call, you should be speaking with a Doctor, not a Technician!

Why is this more important? Pets near the end of life have very serious medical problems and complications. The process of pre-sedation and euthanasia requires a deep understanding of medicine and many years of practice experience.  In my opinion, this is not something that should be done by a new graduate or part-time veterinarians.  Do not be shy about asking these questions. 

Also the veterinarian you choose must have a high degree of both professional and emotional maturity.  This only comes from decades of medical and LIFE experience. This combination of traits is frankly hard to find. Remember we are caring for your pet, and we are there for you and your family as well. There is no substitute for a lifetime of maturity.  It would be my honor to help you and your family through this difficult time. 

Dr. Jim HumphriesDr. Jim Humphries has been a veterinarian for 38 years and has owned and operated successful practices in Texas, Oregon, and Colorado.   He currently serves as an Adjunct Professor at the famed College of Veterinary Medicine at Texas A&M University.  He is a frequent lecturer at national meetings, at many of our nation’s Colleges of Veterinary Medicine.  He has been an invited speaker at the world meeting of the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care.  He is also well known in the media having served as the regular veterinarian on CBS The Early Show for 12 years, and a regular contributor to CNN, Animal Planet, and many other major media.  He is the founder of the Veterinary News Network and the American Society of Veterinary Journalists. 

Dr. Jim is a veterinarian with a very special approach in caring for our pets as they approach the end of life.  He cares deeply about making the experience of your pet’s last day as peaceful, private and dignified as possible – for them and your entire family.  Just see what others say by clicking here.

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“Learning to say Good-Bye, is a necessary Life Skill!”                                                            ~ Keith Moore


“For the fate of men and the fate of animals is the same. As one dies so dies the other; indeed, they all have the same soul …. So why do some suppose that human souls go upward while animal souls go down? All die and all go to the same place.”                                                                  ~ Ecclesiastes 3:19-21


“What can be worse than the end of a dear sweet life?  We live in hope we will see our pet friends again.  We inherently believe there is a better place and we must focus on that better day in that better place”.                               ~ Dr. Jim Humphries 


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Interestingly, I am an RN and I teach hospice and end of life care to nursing students.  When I had to put my precious Emily to sleep I found Dr. Humphries. He could not have handled the entire process any more professionally and more compassionately. He was prompt and affordable. What a wonderful service for animals and for their grieving owners!"

~ Jessie G.  MS, RN, PhD

Dr. Humphries treated our dog with love and respect. He is truly gifted for this service. I was impressed with the high level of professional care and all in the comfort and privacy of my own home. If you find you need this type of care, I highly recommend using Dr. Humphries.

~ Jeanne L

I called Mobile PetDocs so I would not have to drive as this was a very emotional time. Dr. Humphries was so patient and caring with me and my kitty. I was so impressed with the time he took in reassuring us in our decision. Dr. H was never rushed and the entire process was so peaceful. What a wonderful service! Thank you so much!

~ Velma G.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your gentle and faithful approach to our last minutes with Henry. You are a gift from God and so very good at your calling. I will share regularly with others. You made what could have been a very difficult time quite lovely – I’m sure not everyone could. Blessings to you. ~ Pastor Ellen and Carl
I did not know this service even existed. But when we called, Dr. Humphries took his time and helped me know we were at the right time. I could tell over the phone he was a very caring man. Then once here, the whole process could not have been handled any better or more professionally. I am SO pleased and I highly recommend this kind and knowledgeable house call animal doctor!"

~ Roberta

Wow, Dr. Jim was here within 90 minutes on Easter Sunday, because our sweet "Buster" was failing fast and we did not want to take him to the Emergency Room. The whole process was so peaceful and reassuring. Dr. H. is very dedicated to this work, and he knows how important it is to all of us! We feel lucky to have found him!     ~ Dr. John B., MS, PhD.
After reading your information, and speaking with you on the phone, we were convinced. But after you treated our Rosie with such kindness, real love and amazing compassion, we would never consider having anyone else in our home for such a crucial and emotional process. We feel very lucky to have found you. We cannot thank you enough!

~ Charles and Mindy F.

Our heartfelt thanks to you and Patricia for your compassionate care of our girl. You made this process so reverent and special. You are both angels!

 - Catherine & Jason C.